About Us

Our story is really quite simple – I love clothes.

I always have and, if I had to guess, I think I always will.

As the owner of Up South, it’s everything I ever wanted in a boutique. It’s tasteful. It’s Southern. It’s playful. And I love taking into consideration what I think my customers will love to wear, and what will make them feel their best.

Up South, named for new directions and new beginnings, has a total boutique-feel that’s easy on the wallet. Because we don’t carry specific clothing lines, I have the flexibility to carry pieces that I know my customers will love, while staying cost-effective.

When you walk into Up South or browse our online collections, you’ll be welcome with variety, versatility and styles that will work for this season, and seasons to come.

Between dresses, tops, scarves, handbags, jewelry and shoes, I try my best to cater to everyone – twenty-something college students, professional women in their fifties and every age and stage in between.

My thought process? I want both moms and daughters to be able to walk in and then walk out with something they both love.

And for that very reason, I keep Up South stocked with classic pieces, but also supply the fun accessories to play up any outfit. My pieces are selected thoughtfully, because I want you to be able to wear the same piece when you’re out to lunch with your best friend, and again to an evening wedding.

However, if there’s one thing my customers seem partial to, it’s the nautical theme. Anything that has a nautical stripe is a done deal, likely because of our location situated right off the Chesapeake Bay.

But for all of my pieces, I trust my eyes and my heart. For those reasons, I think you’ll love Up South as much as I do.

-Allyson Field


VISIT UP SOUTH: 6628 Main Street, Gloucester, Virginia 23061

CONTACT UP SOUTH: (804) 693-2159 | Email us here!

HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10 am to 6 pm & Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm